Middle school dance team had exciting season


Eighth-graders Saya Gallagher and Lily Fousse dance at halftime of the grade seven girls basketball game on February 21. The team is made up of seventh and eighth graders. They usually perform twice during each home basketball game (photo by Addie Griggs).

Dance team was a great way to make friends. Most team members felt like there was a bit of a divide at the start of the season between the two grades. However, after just about two practices in, the team was already getting to know each other.

In practice, the team was always encouraged to stand or sit by someone new that they normally wouldn’t talk to.

The team was also given “secret sisters” at the beginning of the season, which is like Secret Santa, but it continues throughout the entire season. For each performance, the team would have to buy a treat for their secret sister (this year’s dance team really loved food) and sometimes they would make signs for them and put it on their locker. The team enjoyed the experience because the gifts just got better and better with every performance. The snacks included lots of candy, brownies, cookies, and cupcakes.

By the end of the season, the team was always looking out for each other and, reassuring one another when something went wrong. And many things did go wrong. Hats fell off, pompoms were dropped, and secret sister assignments were sometimes forgotten. In the end, the team just laughed it off telling each other that it was no big deal and that everything would be fine.

Even with the issues they were always laughing and acting crazy too, and that’s what made the team so special.

This spirit was always kept alive by the two coaches, Mrs. Tracy Steege and Ms. Jess Spector. They always encouraged perseverance and a strong work ethic. They could always keep the team smiling too.

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