Blog spotlight: Explore London Elective students create blog to show the world their travel, photography

Explore London is a brand new elective for eighth graders this year. Students go to various places in London to see places that many students haven’t travelled to before. At the end of the year, students who take part in this elective have to produce something to show all the places they been to. John Towfighi and Russell Cornelius decided to created a blog about the different places they’ve travelled. They post short summaries about the different places they’ve travelled and the photos the whole group takes. If you are not a member of the elective, you can see how it’s going and all the different places this group travels.  “Russell and I wanted to do something that wasn’t only accessible for our class but accessible for the whole middle school,” said John Towfighi, the creator of the blog. This blog will be complete with every place they visited at the end of the year.

Visit to see the Explore London blog.

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