Students find relaxation, joy in summer camps

As the school year comes to a close and summer approaches, many students are looking forward to summer camps. There are many students who will soon prepare for day camps, sleep away camps and even ASL camps. Students have had a variety of experiences at summer camp. 

Many students are delighted to be attending summer camps. “I got to meet a lot of new people and do things I normally wouldn’t be able to do,” said fifth grader Delia Jefferys.

Additionally, many students go to sleep away camps. “I found lots of new friends who I am still in touch with who I became closer to at sleep away [camp],” said fifth grader Felix Destin, who attends Washington State Windsor Mountain camp every summer. Of ASL students who attend summer camps, most go to camp in the USA. 

Having good-natured counselors is an important part of a beneficial camp experience.  Jefferys has been to acting camp and YMCA camp, and she said, “I have had really fun counselors who always helped anybody when there were problems.” 

According to ASL students, if counselors ensure that they are always there for the children and are providing them with a safe and healthy environment, students may have a more comfortable experience in summer camp. 

Fifth grader Lihi Hamburger said that she has loved her experiences at ASL camps, basketball camps and outdoor summer camps. She said that she looks for a camp in a good location with an array of activities to choose from where the instructors are friendly and welcoming. “It is a great way to spend your time over the summer,” Hamburger said. Moreover, Hamburger is excited for her very first sleep away camp this summer. 

Sixth grader Darren Morris has attended Gold’s Gym summer camp, Camp Kieve, and Monmouth University summer camp. He has thoroughly enjoyed his summer camp experiences, as they have made him try new things like cliff jumping, canoeing, and forging new friendships. He mentioned the difference between school friends and camp friends. “At school, you only see them once a day, but at camp, you really get to know them,” Morris said. “Camp is a place where you can be yourself and try new things.” 

Sixth grader Will Griggs has also had some unforgettable summer camp experiences. He has had tons of fun over the past few summers, meeting new people from a variety of outdoor summer camps. Will looks for camps that fits his specific interests, has good facilities and warm, welcoming counselors. 

Many ASL students have had absorbing, thrilling and irreplaceable summer camp experiences and are eager for what this summer has to bring.

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