Fifth and sixth graders try sports in preparation for competitive seasons

The spring fifth and sixth grade developmental sports season was jam-packed with a variety of sports such as volleyball, basketball and swimming. Why were these specific sports picked? The middle school athletics director Ms. Heidi McCune said, “The developmental sports mirror on the ones that you can play competitively in seventh and eighth grade.” Therefore, fifth and sixth graders can try a variety of sports, and decide if they want to play it competitively in seventh and eighth grade.

Eva Marriott-Fabre from fifth grade takes part in girls basketball. She said, “It is my first time playing basketball and I really enjoy it. If I were to play it competitively it would be a challenge, but I am working on it as a goal.”

Cailin Zielinski from fifth grade is participating in co-ed volleyball this season.  This is her first time playing volleyball. She said, “ I want to play it competitively or in a club once the season ends.”

Fifth grader Maisie Rosenberg is participating in swimming this season.  She said, “I have been doing swimming for a very long time, so I plan on doing it competitively.” Maisie is an enthusiastic swimmer and can’t wait to continue.

Langston Reid is in fifth grade and he participates in boys basketball. Langston said, “I love basketball. It is my first time playing it, but I know I want to play it competitively. I love how we get to play a lot of games and we get to play with our friends.”

The goal of ASL’s developmental sports program is to have the option to play certain sports in fifth and sixth grade as a good way to transition into playing competitively in seventh and eighth grade. With this glimpse of the thoughts of some of the participants in the developmental sports this season, it looks like having developmental sports at ASL is a sure win!

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