Middle school track and field team runs into success

Carson Kay runs a close race against an ACS Hillingdon athlete in the 100 meter race that took place at Willesden Sports Centre on May 4 (photo courtesy of Ms. McCune).

This year 68 seventh and eighth-grade students participated in middle school track and field. The season was fun but challenging. However, having that many students was a challenge and joy for the coaches.

Coach Stephen Fordham said, “The highlight is the amount of people that have come out and enjoyed track and field.” Even though Coach Fordham enjoyed having so many students come out for track and field, there was also a downside.

One of the hardest parts of coaching a large team was the “the logistics of giving 68 people all the events they want, and trying to give everyone something they wanted in the first place,” said Coach Fordham. However, having a big team didn’t stop any of the participants from bonding.

“It’s hard to tell with that many people, but I think everyone has found a little pocket of friendship within the team somewhere,” Said Coach Fordham. This helped the team during the track meets because there is a lot of downtime in between the events. Having these friendships helped the runners by allowing them to socialize, and have more fun at the meets.

The final time the team ran together was at the end of season LSSA Festival at ACS Cobham. Many students got personal bests and had a lot of fun. In addition, many students were sad to see the track season end. “Even though some of the races were hard I was upset for it to end,” said seventh grader Naveer Asnani.

Overall students on the team had a great time running and doing field events.

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