JV baseball had great start but rough finish

Eighth grader Tommy Farrell bats against Herts Baseball club on May 20. The final score was 11-3. Herts won (Photo courtesy of Mr. Farrell).

This year six skillful eighth graders had the chance to be brought up to the high school JV baseball team. During the middle school tryouts the coaches looked at the eighth graders and brought players up based on skill. Although there was not many teams to play during the season, the team went 3-1.

The JV team played ACS Hillingdon varsity three times and Herts baseball club once. Sadly, the reason why there were only two teams to play was because a shortage of kids wanting to play. The first game they played was against Hillingdon at Canons park on April 1. ASL started and finished that game well, going on to win 17-5.

The second game they had was once again played against Hillingdon, this time at Hillingdon on April 5. The game was another easy win for the boys as they came out with the victory.

Their next game was their last time playing Hillingdon. This game was back on home turf at Canons Park on May 4. The game did not work out the way they wanted in the first five innings. At the end of the fifth inning, Hillingdon had a 6-1 lead. Their players were pumped up and ready to win.

The Eagle comeback started with eighth grader Drew Erdei’s single to the outfield. After that, the runs started to pile in. Before they knew it, the score was 6-5 and the Eagles were only trailing by one run. Unfortunately, that inning finally came to an end.

Luckily there was still one more inning to play. The Eagles played great defense and did not let any more runs score. They got the three outs needed and it was time for them to come up to bat again. They got a quick three batters on the bases due to walks. Then another player got walked and the Eagles scored a run to tie the game at 6.

Then eighth grader Jonas Kolaja walked up to the plate and smashed a line drive up the middle. All they needed was the person on third base to score and he did. ASL won the game 7-6 on a walk-off single.

The last game of the season was on May 20 against Herts baseball in Hemel Hempstead. This game did not start or end well for the Eagles. The Herts baseball club pitcher was faster than anyone they have seen before. They put up a good fight, but were far from victory. They only scored 3 runs, and they let up 11.

Even with some hard losses the team still managed to come together for an overall victory. “It’s been a great journey. The way we have come together as a team and played the game is incredible,” said Erdei.

“The baseball season has made us all closer,” said eighth grader James Ratner.

Overall JV baseball was a great experience for everyone, especially the eighth graders who got moved up.

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