Looking back at ASL’s history: Former students share their stories


Ms. Kidd in her junior year at ASL.
“When I got into high school I got really into theater and acting, and I became very much involved in that scene…. I think my favorite memory was doing a play called As You Like It, which is a Shakespeare play…. It was a course over the whole year, so you did the costumes, and the makeup, and the set and everything else.” – Ms. Kidd
(Photo from 1984 HS Yearbook). 
Mr. Farmer in his junior year at ASL.
“My eighth grade teachers…. Invited two friends of mine and me over to their house and we had like a burrito fest, because I had spent like all year talking about how I grew up in California before moving to London. I talked all about how great burritos were. And this was London back in the 90’s when Mexican restaurants hadn’t really got here yet….So it was really cool. The eighth grade teachers invited us over, and the five of us sat down, and had this gigantic platter of burritos…. That sort of speaks to the relationship that, you know, I had with my teachers and what amazing people they were.” – Mr. Farmer
(Photo from 1996 HS Yearbook).
Dr. Jackson in her senior year at ASL.
“I had interviewed at two really good British girls schools and had been offered places, and I was really miserable about going. We came here, and at that time the entrance was Loudoun Road, and there was a big round desk with all the flags of different countries in the middle of the room, and I walked in with my parents and immediately felt this was a warm, welcoming, vibrant, wonderful place, and so immediately my anxiety went away, and I looked at my parents and said, ‘I’ll go here.’ So, I did.” – Dr. Jackson
(Photo from 1979 HS Yearbook).



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