Middle school lacrosse had important learning experience

The grade 7 and 8 girls lacrosse club met every Monday for practice at either Primrose Hill or Canons Park throughout the season. The team has participated in a tournament and one game against TASIS’s middle school lacrosse team.

The tournament was on Sunday, March 26 at Reigate-Surrey. The tournament consisted of five 20 minute mini-games and was the team’s first competition. Eighth grader Caroline Vauclain considers the tournament the most memorable part of the season because of the hard work all players put in and the general fun the teammates had together.

The game against TASIS on May 15 was easily the club’s most successful win with a score of 12-4. This game showed how far the team has come, considering only six members of the team had prior lacrosse experience. There was improved defense and more completed passes, compared to the confused defense and numerous uncaught passes from the start of the season.

“I think just our general understanding of the game improved a lot,” said Vauclain. “By the end of the season in the game against TASIS we really understood how to run an organized offense and cut to make space and also how to defend strategically.” These improvements didn’t come easily, but with many challenges.

Joelle Haines in seventh grade shared her view on what the team’s biggest challenge was. “When we were in the game I think our biggest challenge was sometimes being nervous. We always wanted to pass the ball, but sometimes it is okay to be selfish and at least get it down the field, then we can start making plays. I mean I still think a huge part of a game to pass, but if you have an opportunity I think you should take it and try your best.”

Unfortunately the club wasn’t able to meet as often due to rain, bank holidays, or field trips. It is also important to recognize the majority of the team had never played before the start of the season. However, both Vauclain and Haines said that the team’s biggest strength was how they helped each other out. The players that were more familiar with the game tried to offer advice and explain complicated parts of the game to the more inexperienced players.

Overall the 7/8 lacrosse club was very successful and enjoyable for players with and without experience.

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