Seventh grade girls basketball have successful season

Seventh grader Maddie Wilkin (#11) goes in for a lay up during a game against Raines Foundation School on February 21. The Eagles won this game 43-22. This game was a part of the London Youth Games, a tournament the team competed in this season (photo by Addie Griggs).

ASL 7th Grade girls basketball team nears the end of a highly successful season

So far the seventh grade Girls Basketball team has won all their regular season games and the LSSA tournament. The seventh grade girls basketball season was extended because they won the Westminster LBA tournament.

The team has come together during the season. “I think they have their values in place,” said coach Jennifer Craig. “They pick each other up if someone is struggling. And they will be selfless for the success of another player.”

Maddie Wilkin, a guard on the team, felt that the team improved as the season progressed. “I thought a lot of our defensive skills and shooting skills have really improved overall. Everyone on our team improved no matter if they played basketball before or didn’t,” said Wilkin.

Despite a flourishing season, this team has still had a few struggles. Joelle Haines a forward on the team remembers how the team would sometimes struggle to work together. “It was hard trying to work together as a team, but once we got that down everything went well.”

Coach Craig remembers how the success of the team would sometimes be its weakness. “The team’s talented,” she said. “I think one of the things a talented team struggles with is when they do come up against adversity it sort of throws them back a little bit. For a couple of teams, they were big girls compared to a lot of the girls on our team and I think getting pushed around put us out of our game a little bit. It took us playing the whole game but in the end we ended up winning by a considerable amount.”

These struggles were all solved by the end of the season. “At LSSAs there were three minutes where I got to sit back and watch them do their thing,” said Coach Craig. “And I thought they are playing at their highest level and it was wonderful.”

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