Rugby team has insightful trip to Allianz Park to watch the pros

The seventh and eighth-grade ruby teams visited Allianz Park to watch the Saracens game on February 25. The final score was 29-18, Saracens (photo by Tommy Farrell).

On February 25, the middle school rugby team had the chance to watch a professional rugby match. The game was at Allianz Park, the home of Saracens. That match that took place was Saracens vs Sale Sharks. The final score was 29-18, Saracens.

“It was a great experience which I believe helped me in performance,” said eighth grader Ethan Otero. “I tried to imitate their move sets and tackling techniques, and I think in the end, I performed better.”

Going to watch a professional match can change the way younger players can perform. These changes usually lead to something good but some changes can not be good. “It was a good game to watch, especially for someone my age who is playing rugby,” said eighth grader Cian Mesch. “I got to learn different techniques and different rules.”

Three days after watching that professional game, the team played Hillingdon. The team was still looking for their first win. They felt confident and ready to win. It turns out that watching that game gave them new techniques which helped them beat Hillingdon on February 28. The final score was 12-5. “I felt triumphant when we finally won our first game,” said eighth grader Bertie Cassidy. “I was confident before the game, during the game, and after the game.”

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