PCA auction will return this March with new goal for fundraising

The Parent Community Association (PCA) will be holding an auction to fundraise for New Generation Learning, which will provide learning materials for ASL. The auction, which will take place from March 10 – 18,  will have around 300 items to auction off.

The PCA Auction is a biennial event. In the past, the auction has funded projects such as the renovation of the Commons in 2013. However, this year’s goal will be focused more on learning materials as opposed to spaces. Ms. Laura Angeledis, 2017 auction chair, said, “We want to provide things like tools for the science labs, tools for the MILL, and building an eco-Classroom at Canons Park for the Lower School. There are a lot of projects under one hat.” 

ASL parents and falculty place bids on artwork, activities and more at the last auction in 2015. This year’s auction theme is One of a Kind, and much of the artwork will reflect that theme (Photo courtesy of Craig Prentis).

For Ms. Angeledis,  the auction’s main problem with the abstract term of New Generation Learning, many have misunderstood what the money will go to
wards. She said that it was difficult to communicate the goal of the auction. She said that it was easy to call for funding for Waverley Park as playgrounds are a common area for funding among schools. 

The time during which people can donate has also lengthened, to ensure the greatest possible number of donations. Although they are currently at around 200 donations, they are expecting and hoping for around 300. The hope is to have items which cater to everyone. “It doesn’t matter the value of the donation. What we’d like to achieve is  to get the entire community involved, so we will have small items…We would like the entire community enjoying this festive week.” 

There are prizes ranging from parent-child experiences to sports memorabilia.

The sense of community and individuality at ASL is also what led the theme, One of a Kind, to be chosen. Ms. Angelidis said, “We were struggling thinking about the core values of the school, and we were working on the kindness and the courage to act. And working on that and brainstorming, we ended up with the wording ‘One of a Kind,’ and we were absolutely in love with it … since minute one, and it’s great because ASL is one of a kind, because everyone working here is one of a kind, everyone studying here is one of a kind, and I think it’s great for this school and this community.” 

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