Boys 7, 8 volleyball have mixed season but finish strong

Eighth grader Jonas Kolaja sets the ball backwards over the net to win the point. This game took place at ASL on October 25 (photo by Tommy Farrell).

This year thirteen boys from the seventh and eighth grade joined the volleyball team to bump, set, and spike. Throughout the season the boys were trying to improve their skills. Many boys have learned a lot and many still have a lot more to learn.

When the boys had their first practice, the returners were rusty and there were many inexperienced players. Mrs. Belle Hayward, the assistant coach, and Mr. Rod Anderson, the head coach, helped each and every one of them so they could develop as a player. There is still room for improvement, but everyone has progressed since the beginning of the season. “I have improved since the beginning of the season but I would still like to work on my serves. More work is needed,” said Philips. “The coaching is good, and we are all learning from the tips and information they are giving us.”

The team trains every Tuesday and Thursday if they don’t have a game. In practice, they work on serving, hitting, and communication. They do this by passing to each other and practicing game time situations.

Before their first game on September 29, the boys were very excited and hoping to walk away with a win. The boys played ACS Egham and got away with the easy 3-0 set win.

The boys were looking forward to next practice, so they were not as focused as they should have been. On October 13, the boys played ACS Cobham at a home. In the first set of three the boys came away with the win but did not look happy while doing it. In the second set, a new set of boys came out but they, sadly, did not win. It all came down to the last set. The boys were down by a lot, and made a nice effort to come back, but  did not get the win. The boys lost two sets to one.

The boys have become closer since the first practice. “I feel like the team has bonded a lot, but there is always room to improve,” said Phillips. “My favorite part about volleyball is getting to play and getting to practice with people I would have not talked to without volleyball.”

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