Winter Wonderland interests students

Winter Wonderland is a large annual festive fair held in Hyde Park with an extensive selection of roller coaster rides, market stalls, shows, and other attractions. Every year around this time, kids in London go to Winter Wonderland to enjoy rides, watch shows, and have fun. Although there are many attractions, students have some clear favorites.

Fifth-grader Ori Rum Zemet’s favorite attraction is the Eurocoaster. Rum Zemet said, “It was a really good experience to start with because I was afraid that my first rollercoaster would be too much for me and I would go home with a bad experience about rollercoasters, but it was really fun.” 

Also, Rum Zemet said, “I love Winter Wonderland because it has opportunities for everybody – people who are really adventurous and love lots of roller coasters that are really scary and everything, and also people who don’t like roller coasters. There are lots of options.”

Seventh-grader Jacob Sadrian said he likes Winter Wonderland because it’s fun and has good food. Additionally, Sadrian said, “My favorite ride is Munich Looping. I like how fast it goes.”

The most popular attraction amongst students is Munich Looping (photo by Ema Dulaj).

A survey by The Scroll revealed that 19.8% of middle school students’ favorite ride was Munich Looping, making it the most popular attraction. According to the official website of Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, Munich Looping is the world’s largest transportable rollercoaster. It has five vertical loops.

Some other popular rides were Wilde Maus XXL, Eurocoaster, Ice Mountain, and The Hangover. Seventh-grader Carmen Strassberg Alonso said that her favorite attraction is Wilde Maus XXL. “I like it because it’s a very fun rollercoaster that’s very scary but doesn’t have any loops.”

Winter Wonderland gets over 2.5 million visits per year. There are over a hundred attractions and such a wide variety that many go several times. 

The admission fee for Winter Wonderland is free during off-peak hours and £5 or £7.5 during peak hours. Ride costs vary. Inside, you can buy tokens used to pay for rides. Winter Wonderland is open from 10 am-10 pm. The nearest tube stations are Paddington station and Bond Street station. 

Winter Wonderland is only open until January 2. If you’re interested in going, make sure to bring suitable clothes for the cold weather.

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