Advice from some experts on dieting, exercise

Mr. Hosier (photo by Laila Taraporevala).

Dieting and exercise takes care of the body in a very important way. The key though is moderation. “The word is balance,” Mr. Peter Hosier, grade 5 and 6 guidance counselor said. “The word is to make sure that you’re exercising in a balanced way, you’re eating in a balanced way. And really just in life that you’re getting that work-life balance right and so you’ve got enough time to focus on eating healthily and focus on getting enough exercise. And then of course, any extremes are not good. So anything that is extreme is probably best avoided.”

Exercise is one of the main ways to lose weight. But it has other benefits.“So, if we’re doing exercise, and we’re feeling that we’re growing, we’re feeling that we’re balanced in what we’re doing. It also gives you a sense of, okay, I’m doing the right thing,” Mr. Hosier said. “So people get sort of the double whammy of actually, the endorphins being released, yeah I feel good, this is good, but also, they’ll just go. Yeah I’m kind of in control of my life.”

Exercise makes a person feel good about the way they look, but also produces endorphins, the “happy” chemical. But Mr. Hosier also said that it makes you feel less like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders, and improves your concentration on schoolwork.

Ms. Liniere (photo from Scroll archives).

Furthermore, on par with exercise is dieting. The key in dieting is also moderation. “I recommend making sure to eat foods from every food group so that your body gets all of the nutrients it needs,” grade 5 and 6 health teacher and counselor Ms Jess Liniere said.

Cutting out foods often leads to lack of nutrients, which your body needs. All food categories are important for middle school students, who are still growing, and the amount of nutrients really affects that.

Mr. Severijns (photo by Laila Taraporevala).

Never restrict yourself from food groups. But also make sure to cut down on your intake of sugar. “A healthy diet is sensible, making good choices with what you eat. And especially what you snack. Reduce sugars, eat a lot of vegetables and fruits,” Mr Patrick Severijns, head of the physical education department said.

Snacking is also a problem with weight gain. Mr. Hosier explained that fiber is better than refined foods. So eating foods like brown grain bread and brown rice is better than white bread or white rice. And refined sugar is never good. More fiber based foods take longer to digest than refined foods, so you feel full for longer.

Lastly, remember, controlling your urges to break a diet or exercise routine will stick with you. Practicing this becomes a lifelong habit that will keep you going.

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