Seventh grade black team focuses on science rather than friendship in Wales

Seventh graders set out on their hike up a mountain. Though it was very tiring, students all felt very accomplished by the time they finished (Photo Courtesy of Mr. Ross).

On September 12, the seventh grade black team went to Rhyd-y-creuau, Wales to study ecosystems and their impact on different creatures, as well as to bond with their classmates. The trip was to promote new friendships and connections, as well as provide real-world examples of what the seventh graders were learning in science.

One of the ecosystem activities included scavenging for creatures in ponds and streams and testing the water. Some said that the pond was polluted and unclean, because the pond was filled with dirt,  but seventh grader Jake Edwards said, “We did this test where we found out that is was actually a healthy river.” So, despite the pond’s appearance, it was a good environment for the organisms.

The seventh graders also went on hikes, played games including tag, and went on a high ropes course. There were beautiful views on the hike and the students were told mountain tales. “My favorite activity was probably the high ropes course….[and] during the high ropes course we bonded a lot with the people in our groups,” said seventh grader Karis Gilbert.

There were mixed reviews on the bonding during the trip. Some people said their advisory bonded during the activities, and that they made connections with people who they otherwise might not talk to. However, some students questioned the effectiveness of the bonding activities. Students said that the trip was focused too much on academics and not enough on the social aspect. It was reported that between all of the science activities, not enough attention was to the advisory bonding, leading to it being unsuccessful.

Karis Gilbert said, “We were told that the trip would be a mix between science and bonding, but there wasn’t any bonding. It was strictly science.” The seventh graders enjoyed their trip, but they could see some room for improvement in certain areas.

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