Grade six bonds during exploration of Northumberland


The sixth graders had the opportunity to touch and observe a big lizard in Northumberland. They also got to put tarantulas on their heads and handle other creatures (Photo courtesy of Ms. Shivik). 

On September 12, the sixth graders went on a five day trip to Northumberland to stay in Ford Castle. The grade was split up to do each activity, from hiking to zip lining. Students experienced growth during at least one of the activities. Throughout the trip, every sixth grader learned or tried something new, and each student reported having a fantastic time in Northumberland.

One activity was to go to a birds of prey center. Students were able to hold birds on their arms, pet hedgehogs, feel large snakes and even put tarantulas on their heads. Sixth graders enjoyed having the chance to have a hands-on  experience with the animals. 

Another activity was called crate stacking. While in harnesses, two people at a time stood on rickety crates while others added crates to other stacks. The people then shifted to those crates. It all ended with a big crash as the crates finally gave in. Students all had a great time working together and confronting worries that they might have. 

Sixth graders also participated in a ropes course.  Challenging physical and mental games made students work together as an advisory. The most memorable part of the day was an activity called the leap of faith. Sixth graders cheered each other on as they each attempted to jump from one sky-high platform to another.  

The last day was spent hiking along Hadrian’s Wall, which earned mixed reviews from the advisories. The easy rolling hills seen from the bus must have been from everyone’s imagination. On the hike, students saw Roman watchtowers and latrines, and learned a lot about that time period. After the long hike, everyone was glad to get back on the bus. 

It was only a short drive until students got to the Vindolanda Fort, the only visitable fort from the Roman period. Everyone was awestruck by the ruins and items. Sixth graders got to go to the gift shop and get ice cream, which was a highlight of the day. 

The last morning went by quickly. Students ate breakfast and got on the bus swiftly, trying to beat the morning traffic. As students pulled into school they were all already missing Northumberland. They learnt about friendship and team building. After such an experience, each student left with new memories, friends, and confidence. 

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